Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Proud Mama

It is has been a pretty quiet week for me. I got my nails done after work on Monday and Tuesday after work just hung out at home with Lily. Tonight Lisa and I are going to Costco. I need a few things that I like getting in bulk like toilet paper, trash bags, paper plates etc. I just ran out of the case of trash bags and I got them 3 years ago. Toilet paper lasts me about 5-6 months only.  I love Costco for those kind of things. And if you eat meat I love their Filet Migon's I get a few packs and individual  wrap them and freeze them. I use my George Foreman grill to grill them. After Costco we will have dinner and watch Survivor.

Emily is the girl that has my kitty and she sends me pictures via text. Here is my kitties Mama who is not even a year old. She is a very young Mama and she was a rescue that was pregnant. She will be fixed in the next few weeks and she is up for adoption also. I was pretty surprised that none of the kitties look like her at all. The other picture below is of my kitty with 2 of her siblings in a cowboy hat.

I love how my baby has her arm up over that cowboy hat. Now those 2 kitties look alike. There is also an all black kitty not in this picture. I hope I am not boring people with my pictures. It has kept my mind off the pain I feel over loosing my beloved Billy Elliott. My house feels so different with him not in it. I still think I see him or feel him jumping up on my bed. I love this quote. "I love cats because I love my home and after a while they become its visible soul"~Jean Cocteau

Lily Lowenthal


Anonymous said...

Hi Dru;

The Mama cat looks like my son and DIL's cat Merci. She looks siamese or part one. The daddy must have been a Tom or alley cat. Very pretty. Your kitty is adorable. And you are not boring us by talking about a pet you loved and lost. I'm so glad you decided to get another right away.
Have a lovely day ahead dear friend. Hugs

Kim said...

Dru-a-Boo, You're not boring anyone with those adorable pictures! If someone is bored by photos than perhaps they shouldn't blog? lol Hey, I'm just being blunt. ;) Your kitty is so precious! Both of them. ;) I'm excited about TV tonight. lol Survivor and SVU! wooohooo! Have a great day, sweetheart! Big hugs!

annie said...

Hi Dru,
never boring. Love sharing all this with you.
I am so excited for you to get the kitten, I can't wait.

Kim said...

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.S wasn't as action packed as I had hoped but I still liked it.

Anonymous said...

Back again Dru, Email on the way re: heater. Hugs

Darylynn said...

Hi Dru! I was going to say what Toni said- the mommy looks part Siamese. She's pretty and I hope she finds a home. too! Looking forward to Survivor tonight. Justin hasn't seen Dexter finale yet--- looking forward to his thoughts since he was such a huge fan. Didn't tell him my opinion.

Kia said...

Happy Wednesday, Dru! :)
You're not boring anyone with those adorable pictures, we are all excited for your new kitten! :D

Susan said...

Hi Dru, I enjoy your pictures, they make the blog post interesting. I like the Lily picture. I am glad you have a new baby to think of.
I know for a long time I missed the smell of Reina. She tucked her nose under my chin and I would scratch her as I fell asleep.
So do you need to get new baby things?
So excited for you! Hugs

Kim said...

Hi Dru! Just passing by to check up. To say hi, wish you a lovely Friday and a FANTASTIC weekend, my friend! Big hugs!