Friday, February 7, 2014

I'm BACK!!

This is the longest that I have gone without posting. So many people aren't either so I had not much of an incentive to do so. TGIF!!!

Chris and I went to a great play last night at The Falcon Theater in Toluca Lake what a great play it was Bunny Bunny Gilda Radner: A sort of romantic comedy by Alan Zweibel. Beginning with the first time they met behind a potted tree in an early Saturday Night Live meeting, Bunny Bunny is a whirlwind personal journey through the fourteen-year friendship of writer Alan Zweibel and comedienne Gilda Radner. The play pulls us through a memory patchwork of Alan’s hilarious and heartbreaking adventures with his dear Gilda, as their insecurities and demons are eased by their shared talent for laughter. Gilda is so missed she passed away from Ovarian Cancer at only 42 years old in 1989. We loved the play it was funny and touching all in one.

Layla recovered just fine from her surgery (spayed) She is feisty as ever and still loves posing for the camera. And on the 12th she will be 6 months old. I can't believe I have had her now for over 4 1/2 months.

This is another working weekend for me. I am actually even working tonight so it will be back to back jobs until midnight tonight. I am happy to work Friday's every once in awhile. No more every Friday even though I miss the money they were not smart taking them away because now I am fine not working them. I was asked but said NO!! Just once in awhile. I am loosing $440 a month from just not working 4 Fridays 6-12. I have adjusted my budget and I am OK! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


Susan said...

Hi Dru, glad you finally posted! I sent Darylynn a text saying I missed her post. Layla is so pretty. I loved to watch Gilda Radner at SNL. So sad that she died so young. I am glad you can enjoy your Friday nights with your family. Sometimes the loss of income is worth the time we get with family and friends. Have a great week. I am enjoying our rain! Hugs

Kat said...

Oh I have missed the kitty Layla so much she is getting so big! I just posted last week for the first time in awhile, sometimes I post and then don't have time to visit. How rude of me.
I loved Gilda Radner that was terrible that she had to die, she was one of the greatest that SNL ever had. Have a great weekend. Hugs

Toni said...

Hi Dru; I'm back too ;-} and posted. I loved Gilda Radner and would look forward to her in a hairnet and hitting (Arte) the dirty old man with her bag. It still cracks me up thinking about it. It's sad that she died so young.
Layla has lost the kitty look and looks as pretty as ever. We are in a deep freeze here with a foot of snow on the ground and more predicted for tomorrow. Have a great weekend my friend. Hugs

Susan said...

Thinking of you as I watch the Beetles! Paul is singing your birthday song. :)

annie said...

Glad you posted. You are very popular on the net you know! lol Hope you post more.
Loving to see the photos of Layla.
Gilda Radner was wonderful and she is missed for sure.
Another weekend coming. Hope its wonderful for you.

Kim said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Dru! Hugs!

Melanie said...

It's amazing just how quickly those kitties bounce back! Tabbie acted like nothing ever happened when she was spayed.
Glad you can work less hours. I love being retired although I do miss the paychecks. Have a great day. Hugs