Friday, January 24, 2014

Day Dreaming...

Thanks Annie for the meme

This one is about "Day Dreaming"
1. Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world? I would live right where I am living in So Cal, we have it all mountains for skiing, deserts for 4 wheeling and our beaches are beautiful. Our weather is perfect!
2. Do you have a favorite city? Yes    If so, what is it? New Orleans. It feels like a different country there. I love the people the culture and the food!
3. What car would you have if money was no object? The car I will have when I retire in two years a Ford Fusion
4.  What kind of house would you have if you could have any one you desired? Country cottage at the beach.
5.  Is there a special event/or sight you have always wanted to see? I would love to be invited to the White House for an event with President Obama.
6. What is your dream vacation destination? London for a whole Beatles tour and to stay in The Hard Days Night Hotel.

It is Friday again! Weeks are flying by. I did some fun things this week among them was the movie interruption of Thor The Dark World, thank goodness we had some funny people sitting in the front row interrupting this movie it was pretty bad. I love all the Marvel superheros especially Iron Man, Thor is my least favorite now I know why! Tonight Joe and I are going to see the movie that Matthew Mcconaughey and Jared Leto have been winning a lot of awards for Dallas Buyers Club. We are going to have a late dinner after the show at the Cheesecake Factory in the Sherman Oaks Galleria. It is a regular work weekend for me except Saturday I am working 10:30-7 so I can go to one of our favorite improv shows at the UCB theater. Normally I work 3:30-12. Layla is doing great. Her stitches look great I can barely see them anymore. It will be 2 weeks on Monday she was spayed. She is such a sweet kitty and loves to pose for pictures. Ans she loves my lamp on my end table by my bed! Have a great weekend!


Kim said...

Happy Friday, Dru! Oh, London, Beatles tour. Nice!! That would be pretty incredible! I keep hearing great things about Dallas Buyers Club.. I hope you enjoy it! Layla is beyond cute. Such a beautiful kitty! Hope you have a wonderful day and a fantastic weekend. Hugs!

Susan said...

Hi Dru, my cousin got to meet the President last year when her aunt won the Medal of Freedom. She also got to meet some other famous people. She said it was a great experience. I did not even know about the Hard Night Hotel. There are places in the US that I want to visit first like DC.
Have a great weekend! Hugs

~Pam~ said...

Hi Dru,
Happy Friday! Enjoy reading your post. Have a super weekend.

Kim said...

Happy Monday, Dru! <3 <3 Have a great day, sweetness!

annie said...

Happy Friday Dru! Thanks for joining in. I loved reading y our answers and also thanks for the Layla 'fix' for the day. Love that kitty!
Cold here and snowy. I know you guys can use water and I hope you get some relief very soon.

Kim said...

Hi Dru! Just passing by! Have a great week, sweet pea! Hugs!