Friday, January 17, 2014

My Layla!

Layla was spayed on Monday and I was lucky to have Emily and Zach drop her off at my house when they came into Burbank. I brought her inside and she starting flopping all over the floor with that cone on. So off it went and I never put it back on. She was pretty groggy and not herself for 2 days. I actually took Wednesday off to be home with her. Lily was being a brat and hissing and hitting her. By the third day all was well between the two of them and my Layla was back to herself again. I will never wait 5 months as the Vet had suggested. I read online it is perfectly fine to spay or neuter cats as young as 6 weeks. Every kitty I have ever adopted were already fixed and they were all between 6-8 weeks old. I was a nervous wreck over this!
This was at the Vet's right after she woke up. Emily text  me the picture.

This is her day 3 much better. 
My mini iPad came on Tuesday while I was home on vacation and I love it. It is so much easier relaxing in bed with an iPad than with a lap top let me tell you. Since I have an iPhone I was able to get all the apps I have on my cell and with iCloud all my contacts and picture were right on it when I connected it and set it up. So easy. 

It was so hard going back to work after being off for 4 days! Only 2 days back and it is Friday already. I am working the weekend at the Hospital my usual hours. Tonight I am going to dinner with the kids plus Justin's 21st Birthday is on the 25th and he will be in Las Vegas for a convention for their business the week prior to his Birthday so some of his friends will be heading to Vegas to celebrate it with him. I won't be and Paul will be back home. Lisa is going to stay and she has a friend coming up also. So I will not see him until they get back on the 30th. I will give him his gift tonight at dinner. They have Supercross tomorrow night and then they leave for Vegas on Sunday morning for 12 days. It is actually 2 shows back to back. Paul will go up on Sunday fly home Wednesday then go back for the second show on 28th. I can't believe my baby is going is going to be 21 and my other baby is going to be 43 in May! YIKES!! Have a wonderful weekend ALL!


Kia said...

Glad you had a lovely "Dru time", and hopefully you won't be too busy at work. :) Have fun with the kis and oh my, how is it possible that Justin will be 21 already?! Tome sure flies!
Super cute shots of Layla. xo

Susan said...

Hi Drum Layla sure is pretty. I am glad it all went well for her with her spaying. Your IPad mini sounds really nice. I have been debating on getting an IPad or Kindle. Tonight is our last night in Las Vegas. It has been nice. Have a nice weekend. Hugs

Kim said...

Hi Dru! Happy Saturday! I have never ever ever heard of waiting that long to spay or neuter! In fact, our vet has a great article on their website on why you should spay cats EARLY.

I'm glad she is alright though and that she and Lily are back to being buds. Cats are so funny life that. lol

No way! There is no way that Justin can be 21 already! I remember it seems like yesterday you were just celebrating his 16th birthday. Happy birthday to Justin! Btw, you do not look old enough to have a 43 year old son. Remember when I thought he was your boyfriend? LMAO!! Have a great day, my dear. Enjoy your weekend and don't work too hard! Hugs

annie said...

Hi Dru!
Layla is just too darn cute. Very cuddly looking.
Happy Birthday to Justin.They grow up too fast I think.
Hope you had a great weekend.

annie said...

Just stopped by again to get another look at Layla.. so so so adorable♥