Monday, April 29, 2013

Great Gig

Has anyone seen that great AT&T commercial where a man is interviewing little kids about whether fast is better than slow, two is better than one, and other benefits that AT&T claims for its cellphone service. Here it is below.

The actor is Beck Bennett and he was one of Doug Benson's guest last week. I did not recognize him at first but as soon as they said he was the straight man in the AT&T commercials I knew who he was right away. I am a big fan of the commercials. He sure got himself a good gig!

This is him in the middle next to Doug Benson, Pete Holmes (aka e-Trade baby) and PF Thompkins.

Doug Loves Movies Podcast @UCB

The weekend was a fast one as last week was also! We had beautiful weather in the 80's & 90's all weekend. Lisa and I are planning a little fun weekend getaway on Catalina Island. She has never been there before. We were checking out rooms and I must say they are very pricey in July when we want to go. We found a great hotel called the Catalina Island Inn that we made reservations for the weekend after July 4th. We found it cheaper to go on a Sunday then they don't make you book 3 days like they do if you want to go there on a Friday or a Saturday during the Summer. It has a great view and is so quaint looking this hotel. We booked a family room for Lisa, Paul, Justin & Natasha.  Chris and I booked seperate rooms since they had no double queen rooms available on Sunday 7/7 and it is kind of nice to have a room to yourself anyway.

Catalina Island Inn Hotel

Harbour View Room






Anonymous said...

Hi Dru;

Looks like you solved the draft & publish problem. :) I stopped by to help. You'll get the hang of it very fast. Blogger is easy.

I love those AT&T commercials. I love most ads with kids like the W.B. Mason kids too.

The Catalina Island hotel looks like a great place and Catalina is beautiful.

Have a great day ahead. Hugs

Kim said...

Hi Dru! Glad you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the gig! The Catalina Island hotel looks absolutely beautiful! Lucky you! Have a great Monday. Hugs!

annie said...

The hotel room looks lovely.
I have heard Catalina is wonderful so I know you'll have a great time.
Have a great Monday Dru!

Kia said...

Glad your weekend was lovely and that your weather is lovely, Dru! :)
A weekend getaway to Catalina Island sounds great.

Darylynn said...

Hi Dru! I like the guy in those commercials but I think they found THE most annoying children so I really don't like the spots! :) We're going to Catalina in July, too, I think. We bought 1/2 price tickets on the boat thru a groupon. Jeff and Justin are going diving and Sarah and I will shop and go to the beach. We haven't picked a date yet and not sure if we'll stay over or just return the same day. (((Hugz)))