Thursday, November 21, 2013


Do you prepare a menu for the week? Do you stick to it or are last minute changes a habit?
No never. I go out to eat at least 3 times a week at restaurants and at my son's house. When I do eat at home my go to meals are usually blintzes, potato latkes, baked potato, salad, grilled cheese sandwich, scrambled eggs & french toast. 

Do you spend a lot of time planning menus? No and never did. 

What is your family's favorite menu for dinner? Chicken tacos, broccoli and beef, green pepper chicken, BBQ, roasted Turkey, vegetable soup & chili w/cornbread. 

Do you eat out during the week? Regularly or is that a special treat? Regularly if not at a restaurant at my son's house. 

Is dinner simple or elaborate? Simple to elaborate 

Do you have dessert after your meal? I am usually to full to eat dessert unless it is a special occasion then it is pie, cake and ice cream. 

What beverages are served at the dinner table? Ice Tea & sodas

Do you serve different foods in summer and winter? We really don't have a winter in Southern California. We still BBQ and eat the same foods year round. 

So happy it is Friday almost. Joe and I are going to a show at the UCB Theater The Ronna & Beverly Show their guests are Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) & Bob Harper (The Biggest Loser) This is a very funny show. ‘Ronna & Beverly’ is a live chat show hosted by America’s favorite fifty-something Jewish mothers (played by thirty-somethings Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo). We will grab a bite before the show at Birds Cafe. And I am working Debbie's shift this weekend at the Hospital 12-8 the graveyard and she is working mine. So I will grab about an hour sleep after the show and then go to work at Midnight tomorrow night. Saturday after I get some sleep the kids and I are going to dinner and to see The Delivery Man with Vince Vaughn. Sunday when I get off at 8:00AM I will head over and get my oil changed and then go home and sleep. Have a great weekend! 


Toni said...

Happy Friday Dru;

I enjoyed reading your dinnertime meme answers. I just posted mine. Sounds like a full weekend for you. Enjoy the shows my friend and have a lovely weekend. Hugs

~Pam~ said...

Hi Dru!
Happy weekend to you. Sounds like you have a fun time planned.
I enjoyed your meme I am hungry. lol

Darylynn said...

Hi Dru! Enjoyed your meme answers! I think if you're alone, it's almost less expensive to eat at a restaurant than cook at home. I often make 2 meals out of a lot of the restaurant or take-out we get. Hope you enjoyed Delivery Man. Funny premise! (((Hugz)))

Kia said...

Happy Monday, Dru. :)
Enjoyed your meme answers.
Have a lovely week, a very happy Thanksgiving and a Chag Urim Sameach!

Kim said...

Hi Dru!I enjoyed your dinnertime answers! I'm going to try to do this meme this evening. So how was the movie and the show? I adore Vince V. He's one of my favorites. No matter how silly his movies are. lol Hope you have a great Tuesday! (((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

Hi Dru,
that is a very nice question list.
I make a list for the whole week and keep to it.
Once a week I get my groceries by list and I have everything in the house on Thursday ; )
We eat out of the house sometimes, but not very often.
Have a great day.

Toni said...

Hi Dru; Happy Wednesday.

Dropped in to wish you a blessed early Hanukkah and a happy Thanksgiving my friend. May these holidays be blessed, joyful and love with family and friends. Hugs

Toni said...
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annie said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Dru!

Kim said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Dru! Enjoy your day with your family. ((Hugs))

Susan said...

Hi Dru, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Thanksgiving!
My Hubby wants so real matzoh ball soup. Not sure I spelled it right but what do you suggest?

Melanie said...

I enjoyed reading your meal responses. I don't eat out often, maybe twice a month but I sure enjoy it when I do! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Hugs