Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

The week is flying by and before you know it it is going to be Thanksgiving!! I have a very busy week this week I had 2 shows already Monday & Tuesday night, tonight is my nails after work and Thursday I am going to go visit the kids. Friday night we go to Don Cuco's Mexican restaurant every week for dinner and after that Joe and I  have  "Friday Night Frights" at the Cinefamily at Midnight the movie "You're Next" with filmmakers and cast in person. This is a horror film that we didn't get a chance to see when it was out. It looks really creepy and scary!  And of course a few pictures of Layla who will be 3 month old on the 12th. She was born August 12. Technically she was 12 weeks old on Monday.

My Random Randomness Meme, part 3 

1) What room are you in? In my office at work
2) Can you solve a rubix cube? Never even tried
3) Are you psychic in any way? No
4) What star sign are you? Cancer
5) What's your favorite color? Pink
6) What's your lucky number? 13
7) Do you have any chores that should be done now? Clean  my closet
8) Did you have a cherished childhood teddy bear or other toy? No
9) What was the last thing you bought from a vending machine? At work trail mix
10) What shoe size are you? 7 1/2
11) How many pairs of shoes do you own? Too many to even count
12) If you were prime minister/ruler of the world what laws would you make? I would put the my laws to a vote by the people
13) If you were a super hero what powers would you have? Flying and strength
14) and what would your hero name be? Pink Lady
15) and what outfit would you wear? Something cute and pink
16) What was your last dream about? I can't rememeber
17) What would you do if you won the lottery? First thing quit both jobs!
18) Would you like to build/design your own house? Yes with my son of course, he built and designed his house and it is gorgeous
19) Which form of public transport do you prefer? I actually like our subways. If I worked in Hollywood or downtown I would take it.
21) Can you juggle?No


Kim said...

Hi Dru! Happy Wednesday! I loved your meme answers. I used to love shoes like that. lol I still do love shoes but I don't have anywhere to keep them all. lol

Woohoo it's Survivor night! I saw on the previews they merge tonight. It should really get interesting now. I still don't have any favorites. Do you? Have a wonderful day! Hugs!

Kia said...

Hi, Pink Lady! ;)

Awww, how adorable Layla is! 3 months already? Wow, time flies!

Neat meme, I like the subway too.

Have fun @ the movies.

Toni said...

Hi Dru, Happy Thursday;
This month is moving fast too. I've ordered the food I'll be making for Thanksgiving. We will be at least 20 people so far. It should be fun.
Layla is starting to lose the kitty look and looks regal in your photo.
Enjoyed reading your Sunday Stealing meme. I just finished Annie's new one for this week and will post it tomorrow.
Have a great day my online friend of many years ;-}. Hugs

annie said...

Hi Dru,
I am so in love with Layla! She is too cute.
Hope you are having a great time this week. Your plans are really nice and I am jealous.
Happy Thursday!

Susan said...

Hi Dru, My son's name is Andrew so they shortened it to Drew for the new baby. They both liked Micah, but a cousin got that name so they liked Elijah. Not sure of they are calling him that or going to call him Eli or Drew. We will see. Audrina was a combo for Andrew and Marina. I just did Annie's meme. Happy Friday!

Kim said...

Just passing by to say hi, my dear. Have a lovely Monday! Hugs