Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Monday!

We are still having unseasonably cool weather since July now more like our June weather. I have this new Grumpy Cat App on my iPhone that I love! Here is what the weather is right now here where I work in Arcadia and at home in Burbank.

This week is going to be a light comedy week no shows until this weekend. I have my nails tonight and tomorrow night I am getting a haircut. I am looking forward to a 3 day weekend. I have my annual Dr's appointment on Monday so I decided to take Sat & Sun off at the hospital and make it a nice long weekend. We have 2 fun shows on Sunday at Cinefamly in Hollywood and Saturday I have the cable people coming out to give me a new faster WiFi modem for my computer at no charge and a another DVR at no charge. I have a new bundle that will drop my cable bill down by $21 a month and I will have faster internet speeds 45Mbps and 3 DVR's for the price of one. I still have all the movie channels also. They are no longer making us have contracts and mine was up next month so they now have very competitive prices and a lot more equipment options. My land line phone is just $19 a month which is all included. Very cool! 


Darylynn said...

Who is you cable company? Probably not what we can get here. I don't want Direct TV but I'm sick of this stalemate with Time Warner and CBS. Some say it might not get settled until fall football starts. OY! We tried to get Verizon but the coverage on our block was a little iffy and they said they could boost the signal but I want to wait until it's a good signal. Anwya, glad you got a good deal with more stuff for less money! (((Hugz)))

annie said...

That is a great internet deal! My bill is out of the world.
My daughter is headed to Cali in the morning to San Diego to give a lecture.

Kia said...

LOL, Grumpy Cat is so adorable, isn't he? ;)
Yay for a 3 day weekend, have fun at the shows. xo

Kia said...

Happy hump day, Dru! Hope it will be a lovely day for you. xo

Kaye said...

Hi Dru
Thanks for posting on my tagboard.It's been downright chilly here too it was 57 degrees this morning nothing like August should be.Hope you have a great day!(((Hugs)))Kaye