Friday, August 16, 2013

Yay 3 Days Off!

At 5:00 tonight I am on an official 3 day weekend!! Tonight I am meeting the kids at Don Cuco Mexican Restaurant for dinner. I had mentioned in my last post that the cable company will be coming out tomorrow to add some new equipment at no charge. I am very excited about that. They will be there between 10-12 and I have some errands to run and some deep cleaning to do. So nothing else to exciting.

Sunday we have 2 shows at Cinefamily Theater in Hollywood one is at 1:00 PM which will showcase the Vine videos which is an app on cell phones that so many talented actors, comedians and regular people have been posting to. So for the first L.A. celebration of this new six-second medium, they are going to explore Vine’s best-of-the-best (and strangest-of-the-strange) with special live guests Steve Agee, Adam Goldberg, James Urbaniak, Marlo Meekins and Ian Padgham! Afterwards we are going  to Canter's Deli for a late lunch and I am going to get some goodies from their deli and bakery to take home. Then we are going  back to Cinefamily  for The Phynx  hosted by actor comedian Patton Oswalt at 10:00 PM. Patton Oswalt’s long been the kind of smart, passionate filmic crate-digger we love to hang with — and he’s back in the house to present the first L.A. 35mm screening in ten years of The Phynx: a most curious curio from the death throes of old-school Hollywood, back when it was desperately clutching for the post-Easy Rideryouth market. Pop quiz: name the movie that stars Richard Pryor, Colonel Sanders and Busby Berkeley all in the same 90 minutes? This bubblegum pop parody/sub-Get Smart Albanian spy caper/world’s record attempt for most cameos in a single flick very quickly came and went, with no home video release on any format until just a few months ago. The Phynx is not just an avalanche of cameo porn — it’s a cameo porno holocaust, with crusty stars of yesteryear crammed in next to Baby Boomer hepcats, The Phynx is a theatrical experience Seventies civilians were simply unprepared for (and we’re not too sure we’re yet prepared for it today either!) It sounds so good to us! So that is going to be a busy day and a late night.

Monday first thing I have my annual physical and then will go next door for my blood work. Monday night we have Doug Benson's Movie Interruption back again at Cinefamily of the movie Now You See Me. A movie that I wanted to see and heard was pretty good so we will see how much fun the guests make of it on the couches in front with mics in their hands. Now You See Me stars Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Common, Isla Fisher, Michael Caine & Morgan Freeman. What a great cast! 

Have a great weekend and see you back on Tuesday or Wednesday. 


Kia and Zeno said...

Happy Friday, Dru! :)

What a great weekend you have all planned out! Enjoy your Mexican dinner with the kids tonight.

Happy long weekend, hugs!

annie said...

Have a wonderful 3 day weekend Dru.
Enjoy tonight.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're going to have a great weekend. I hope you'll enjoy every minute of it ; )

BTW I kept my other blog, so that will make things easier ; )

Darylynn said...

Hi Dru! Hope you're enjoying your days off. We are headed to a beach festival today and lunch at the new Yardhouse in Ventura. We saw a movie with Morgan Freeman last night- Olympus has Fallen- which was like a Die Hard rip-off- silly but exciting and a little surprised he was even in it. Best part was Gerard Butler as the hero. (((Hugz)))

Kim said...

Hi Dru!

Sounds like you had a nice 3 day planned. I hope you're enjoying it so far! My mouth waters every time you mention canter deli, it really does. lol Enjoy your shows today!


Susan said...

Hi Dru, hope you are enjoying your 3 days off and praying for your furbaby. Hugs

Kia said...

Hello Dru, hope your 3 day weekend was fab! :)

Kia and Zeno said...

Enjoy the rest of the week! xo

Wynne said...

Hi Dru,
How is sweet Billy Elliott doing? He's been in my thoughts and prayers. Sending hugs and kisses his way. Hope you have a good weekend, Dru. ((hugs))