Monday, August 5, 2013

Locked Out!

Happy Monday! We had another wonderful weekend weather-wise, low 80's all weekend long. It is still unseasonable cool for us in So Cal. Friday is was just Paul & I for dinner at Don Cuco Mexican restaurant. I had their delicious Chicken Caribbean Salad. Grilled chicken, pineapple, tomato, sliced avocado, raisins, black beans, pico de gallo and Monterrey jack cheese over crisp iceberg lettuce. Served with a vinaigrette dressing and garnished with crispy tortilla chips.

Saturday and Sunday were really busy at the Hospital so it went very fast. Sunday I got off at 4:15 and the plan was to make a baked potato and veg out in bed and watch all my Sunday's shows. Dexter, The Newsroom, Ray Donavan & Unforgettable. Well I put my key in more door and it would not unlock? I used the second key I have hidden outside and a still no go! I then called Paul and luckily he was home so Lisa and him came over and he brought his drill to drill open the lock. So I can just will have to lock the deadbolt until he gets me another door lock set today and install it tonight. This door lock set are only a few years old. He had replaced it after my door lock of over 20 years finally broke and in the same way I was locked out. I guess they just don't make them as good as the use too. The bummer is I have cute designer keys for my door and about 9 people have them. So I will be busy this weekend making new keys again for everyone. All I can say I am so happy I have Paul to the rescue a locksmith would of cost a fortune and who knows how long it would of taken to get to my house?? So I only missed about an hour of relaxation. Paul and Lisa hung around for awhile.


Jules said...

Oh No! Glad that you were able to get in though and didn't have to crawl through a window or something, lol.

Sorry I haven't been by to visit lately, I have been busy this past week. I hope you have a terrific week!

Kia said...

Poor you, so glad Paul and Lisa arrived with a drill and opened the lock for you!
I've never seen designer keys, you know. Sounds neat! :)
*huggles* to you, Dru!

Susan said...

Hi Dru, that salad looks yummy! That is what I will have for dinner. You are lucky your son is such a handyman. I love this weather! Do you miss using your graphics or signatures? You could use them in here because there is a way to page protect the pages. Annie knows how and Melanie too. Have a great week. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Phew, so glad your son could come and help you.
The food looks so delicious !!! It sounds very yummy.
Have a great day.

Darylynn said...

That's odd about the lock breaking again...wonder what kind of warranties they have? Check into that with the new one Paul installs and save the receipts. etc... if it has a long enough warranty. Jeff took the boys to the park to tire them out so I have a few minutes! ;)

Kia and Zeno said...

Hello Dru! Just passing by to say hello. Enjoy your day! xo