Friday, December 13, 2013

Housekeeping Meme

Housekeeping Meme
This week let's talk about housekeeping.

It is something we all have to do and it might be fun to see who does what and how!
Maybe you have tips to help us all out or special cleaners you can recommend.

1.Do you enjoy housework? I use to love it but since I have been working 2 jobs now for 12 years it has become a real chore for me to find the time.
2.What chores do you dislike most? Vacuuming and cleaning my mirrors. I have 2 sets of carpeted stairs and 3 bathrooms with very large mirrors in them to clean.
3.Which chores do you enjoy? Dusting and a moping my 3 bathrooms and kitchen floors.
4.Do you have a favorite cleaner? Ed Fred Shower Stall & Tile Cleaner it is a miracle how it works to to remove lime, rust, soap scum and oils.
5.Household appliance you can't live without? Toaster Oven
6.Powder, liquid or new drop in? Drop in for Dishwasher, Liquid for washing machine
7.Softener? favorite brand? I am not even sure?
8.Softener sheets or liquid? I use sheets
9.Dryer or clothes line? Oh a dryer of course!!
10.How often do you change bedroom linen and bathroom towels? Sheets and towels once a week. I live by myself.
11.What one thing would you just love to have to aid in your housekeeping. I am just too picky to let anyone else clean my house the only thing I would consider letting someone to do is my windows and steam clean my carpets.

I am working this weekend. Tonight Don Cuco's with Paul, Lisa went out of town for a Birthday party overnight. Sunday is the Survivor finale and Reunion show. Next week a very busy week for me. I have something to do every night through next weekend. Have a great weekend!


Toni said...

Hi Dru; Happy Friday the 13th :-}

Enjoyed reading your answers to the housekeeping meme. Enjoy your evening with Paul. I'll be busy next week too and hopefully the predicted snowstorm we have coming won't affect my activities. Have a lovely weekend my friend. Hugs

Darylynn said...

I would have to agree with toaster oven and I should've also put down our gas BBQ! We have a Christmas Party to go to Sunday night but it starts early so we can probably get home in time to catch up with Survivor before the reunion show. (((Hugz)))

Kim said...

Happy Saturday, Dru! After reading everyone's blog about only using dryer sheets, I think I'm going to try that and see how it works. Hope you had a good dinner out with the kids last night. :) GO HAYDEN!!! Big hugs! Have a a good weekend, my dear!

Melanie said...

Just popping in to say hi. Have a great weekend. Hugs

Kia said...

Happy Monday, Dru! :)
You all seem to love housework, while (apart from cooking) I hate them s much.
Hope you had a lovely weekend, a big hug!

Kaye said...

Hi Dru
Just dropped by to say *HI* and wish you and your family a very merry christmas!(((Hugs)))Kaye