Thursday, December 12, 2013

Traditions Meme

Traditions Meme 

1.Are traditions important in your family for holidays or do you just celebrate without them? It has changed since my parents are gone my sister and I follow the traditions of my son and daughter in law. We always celebrate July 4th with a BBQ as we do Memorial Day. Halloween we always go over to their house for dinner and to hand out candy. Of course we celebrate Thanksgiving & Christmas with dinner at their house. New Years Eve Joe and I always go out and we end up at Canter's Deli for our first meal of the year there.
2.Is there one particular tradition that is most important to your and yours? Thanksgiving and Christmas
3.Did you incorporate any new traditions with your family that are in addition to ones your parents held? No
4.What are they? Do you think tradition is important? n/a
5.Are there any traditions you do not include that you would like to try? What are they? Christmas in Maui.
6.Can you tell us why your traditions are special to you and how they benefit you? They are special because it quality time with my family.
8.Are there daily /weekly/monthly traditions you follow? I usually go over to their house on Wednesday for dinner and Survivor and since I don't work at the hospital on Friday nights anymore we go out to dinner usually at Don Cuco's Mexican Restaurant every Friday night which I love.

I have been super busy at work. Shipped over 200 boxes of See's Candies and I had to pack and put the postage on each one. It took me days. Tonight Chris and I have a fun play to go to at Garry Marshal's Falcon Theater in Toluca Lake. Falcon Theatre. Troubadour Theater Company's presents, Walkin' in a Winter One-Hit-Wonderland. It is a holiday cabaret "clip show" as one of the Troubadour Theater Company's most beloved characters, Winter Warlock, takes a walk down memory lane while crooning some chart-topping "one-hit-wonders" with his holiday friends. 'Tis the season for fun and reflection, so break out your tape decks and Walkmans and head on down to the Falcon to hear the incredible story of the tallest Troubie this side of town! They always put on a great show.


Toni said...

Hi Dru and happy Thursday;

I guess most of us have family traditions we keep during holidays. I enjoyed reading all about your and some I would have guessed a lot of them especially the close traditions you have with your children.
Have a lovely day ahead dear friend. Hugs

Melanie said...

I enjoyed reading about your traditions. I love traditions and feel something is very wrong if they're not all carried out. This year a few could not be done but I'm adapting! LOL Have a lovely day. Hugs

Darylynn said...

Hi Dru! Enjoyed reading both of your memes! I always think about when we met at Cheesecake Factory and we (I) ordered a chocolate cheesecake to share and you were too polite to say you didn't like chocolate! ;) Sunday night is the Survivor finale and we have a party to go to... we will have to slip out early! I'm kinda rooting for Hayden to get back in or Cierra's mom- she's done so well on the puzzles. Don't want to see any of the powerful threesome win!

Susan said...

Hi Dru, Christmas in Maui sounds nice to me! I like how you go with your family to see Survivor and then Don Cuco's. I will have to look up Canter's cause hubby wants to try some real Jewish food. Have fun at your show! Hugs

annie said...

Wonderful answers Dru.
I think time with family is the most important thing there is in life.
Have a great time at Don Cucos and at the show.
Have a great weekend too.

Kim said...

Hi Dru!

Happy Friday, my dear! You're welcome for the Latkas! hehe Did you grab the picture? I saved it so I would always have it. When I saw it on bitstrip, I thought it was PERFECT for us.:D

Loved your meme answers! Christmas in Hawaii would be amazing! Hope you get there soon, my friend. Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend.