Thursday, October 3, 2013

Almost Friday...

This week was a fast one it is almost Friday! Little Layla and Lily are friends now it only took 3 days. Layla was the hold out. Lily has always been an overactive kitty so this little bundle of fun is the best thing that ever happened to her. They are flying around like crazy! Billy Elliot was almost 10 years old when I brought Lily home and not very playful. Joe is coming over tonight to meet Layla. We will go to dinner afterwards at Tallyrand. Here are a few pictures.

It has been such a joy all week. She is like a little baby so when it is time for lights out and time for  me to go to sleep she cuddles up in between me and my pillows on my bed. She has woken up each night around 4:00 AM and she cries so I take her to the cat box and she does her business and scurries back on the bed and goes back to sleep until I get up at 6:00. Lily is also sleeping on the bed next to me and her.

Tommorow night we are going to our new Friday night hang out. Don Cuco's Mexican Restaurant for dinner. I am actually running over to the hospital to get my free flu shot right after work first. We are also thinking about going to the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride after dinner. We had so much fun last year. The Story- Haunted Hayride- The In Between- Purgatory The folklore and legend of "the real" births more terror than any horror mastermind can fabricate. The grounds of Griffith Park and beyond have been home to murder, torture, paranormal activity, serial killers, and abduction. The area surrounding the "Old Zoo" and "B Rock" has been called one of the most paranormally active sites in all of California. Now these and other actual events will come back to life, opening the portal to a river of lost souls that scream for revelation. They are dark. They are vicious. They are all around you.Tonight, we call on the haunting s of the real terror in history to rise from the darkest corners of hell to take possession OF YOU! Welcome to the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride 2013: "Based On Actual Events"!

I am off on Saturday. I have my yearly mammogram at 12:00 then I am meeting the girls in Arcadia at Pepper's Mexican Restaurant for lunch. We have not seen each other since the end of January. Time got away from us. Barb & Gina are two gals I worked with for over 10 years. We have kept in touch ever since our office in Pasadena shut down in 2000. That was the best job I have ever had. I guess I am lucky to be able to say that about at least one my of jobs. Sunday working plans afterwards. I will relax at home with Lily and Layla. Have a great Thursday and weekend!


Susan said...

Hi Dru, so happy for you. Glad Layla and Lilly are friends now. I like hayrides. Have a nice lunch with your friends. Hugs

~Pam~ said...

Hi Dru!
Love the pics, Layla and Lily are so cute. :)
Enjoy your lunch with your friends,sounds great.

Happy Thursday

Wynne said...

Hi Dru,
So happy that Lily has accepted little Layla so quickly and that they're friends now :) Have a great weekend ahead! No update at my blog, will try to this weekend. ((hugs))

Kim said...

Hi Dru! I'm so glad that Layla is helping you heal and I'm really glad that Layla and Lily are friends now. Love the pictures! Enjoy dinner with your friends, the evening with Joe and lunch with the girls! Heck, have a GREAT weekend. :) Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dru;

Nothing like having 2 active pet kitties to keep you going. ;-} I love the photos of your babies. Enjoy your night out for dinner and a hayride tonight and lunch tomorrow with the girls. Hugs my friend.

Anonymous said...

Awwww she is soooo cute and Lily is such a wonderful friend. Great pictures !!
Good luck with the mammogram and enjoy the lunch !!

Darylynn said...

Hi Dru! That didn't take long at all for them to be friends. One of my friends is having to give up one of her little dogs because it can't get along with her other dog. Justin is going to a Halloween thing at Disneyland tonight. This Saturday is the Bark in the Park in Thousand Oaks. Hope it won't be ruined by the Santa Ana's. Enjoy the weekend!

Judy said...

Dru, I love her name! You won't believe this, but I almost left you a tag to suggest that name. I thought it went cute with Lily. I loved the song Layla too. She is so cute!! It's wonderful that she & Lily are getting along so well. I'm so happy for you that you have her. She will help your heart to heal. Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy your two girls. :) Hugs

Kia said...

Ciao Dru, I've been enjoying little Layla and Lily's pictures on Flickr. So happy they are friends, they are both so adorable. :)
Hope you are having a lovely Sunday evening.
A big hug!