Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!

The Back in Time Meme  

1.  What games were popular with you as a child? Monopoly but I never liked playing games and still don't. Any TV program that you looked forward to? I Love Lucy, Tonight Show, Life of Riley, Oh Susanna, December Bride, Father Knows Best, Ozzie & Harriet Show, George Burns & Gracie Allen Show, Lassie, Ed Sullivan, Ann Southern Show to name just a few. I was always a TV buff!

2. What subject rocked your world in school? History and my teacher in Junior High was Sir Richard Attenborough's cousin, he made it so interesting! 

3. What subject did you really dislike, if any. Why? Algebra, I didn't get it!

4. What did you want to be when you grew up?  Did it happen? Well back in the day we just thought as women we would grow up and get married and have kids. The aspirations I had I guess were to be an actress or psychologist. Didn't happen. 

5. Do you still keep in touch with old friends from school days? Yes my closest friends Wendy and Debbie. Debbie works with me at the Hospital we have known each other since we were 13 years old. 

6. If you could turn back the hands of time, would you go back in time? No!!!!!!

7. What did you consider a good time when  you were a teen? Going to Hollywood on my boyfriends motorcycle and going to the famous Whiskey A Go Go. 

8. What or who influenced you most from your younger  years? Why? I guess TV did in a way but of course it was not a realistic view of life. My family and friends did. A day doesn't go by that I don't remember something that was said by a friend or family or that we did together.

Thanks Annie for the great meme. Yay Survivor tonight. I am going to watch at home. I was out every night this week and want to relax at home and watch instead of going to the kids house. Tomorrow night I will go to the kids for Halloween. As I posted before Lisa & Paul go all out for Halloween.

And of course a few pictures of Layla & Lily


annie said...

I am so glad you joined in the meme.
Loved your answers. I think we are all TV buffs really.
How cool about your teacher!
Thanks Dru!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dru;
I'll be posting Annie's Meme in my Sunday-Monday post. I love the questions and enjoyed reading your answers. Reason why I love memes is because we learn so much about the lives of our friends. I learned you were a lot like me a TV buff. ;-} Have a great day ahead my friend. Hugs

Susan said...

Hi Dru, I did Annie's Meme too and just posted it. I will do Toni's next. Have a fun time tonight! Hugs

Toni said...

Hi Dru: I'm making the rounds to leave my new blog address & email. To delete my old gmail account I had to delete Countryside News too. Everything is is the same except the name & url. New site url : Town Village Notes ~ email:
Have a lovely day ahead my friend. Hugs

Darylynn said...

Hi Dru! I remember watching all those shows, too, and also I Married Joan, My Little Margie and The Jack Benny Show. Same era and also always a TV buff, too. Also remember the Saturday morning TV shows like Sky King, The Lone Ranger... Oh and Rin Tin Tin? many coming back to me now! Layla is really growing up so fast! Enjoy the weekend!

Kia said...

Happy Monday, Dru!

I really enjoyed your answers, memes are such a nice way to know more about people.

Having Sir Richard Attenborough's cousin as your history teacher must have been so neat! Having a teacher that makes everything interesting is such a blessing!

Lovely photos of Layla & Lily, they are both so pretty!

Have a happy Novembrrrrrr. ;)