Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Survivor Wednesday!

I first saw this on Toni's Blog and then on Kim's blog today.

Fall Meme

1. Hayride or Hike? Haunted Hayride
2. Picking out Pumpkins or Picking Apples? Pumpkins
3. Hot Apple Cider or Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows? I don't like chocolate so it would have to be Hot Apple Cider
4. Fall Festival or Trick-or-Treating? Fall Festival & giving out candy to trick or treaters
5. Roasting Marshmallows or Bobbing for Apples? Roasting marshmallows
6. Cute Little Scarecrows or Ugly, Scary Monsters? Cute little scarecrows and lots of scary anything!

Yay tonight is Survivor! I usually watch it with the kids but Lisa, Natasha & Justin are still in Denver for the e-cig convention. Paul didn't go this trip but I am sure he is enjoying having his home to himself, so I won't bother him about watching it together tonight! I am going to make myself some potato latkes  w/sour cream and veg out in front of the TV tonight. You know I have to post  pictures of my new baby. She is 10 weeks old now. And Lily of course also!

Layla dozing off on my nightstand last night

She is good at posing only when she is tired!

Best buddies!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dru;

I love seeing others posting memes again. I really miss doing them weekly and have decided to post a couple of my old favorites each week. Even one or two of my own. LOL! Enjoyed reading your answers and found out you don't like chocolate which was a surprise to me. I thought everyone loved it.
Love the photos of Layla & Lily. Have a great day ahead dear Dru. Hugs

Susan said...

Hi Dru, I was surprised too about you not liking chocolate. I prefer Mexican hot chocolate. We are taking the grands to a school Halloween carnival tomorrow and then "trunk n treating" at our church next Thursday which is a huge even now. I love the kitty pictures. I use to dress my Reina up. I get a little sad when I see the pet costumes, but at least I have the memories and pictures. Have a great weekend. Hugs

~Pam~ said...

Hi Dru! Love you meme answers!
You don't like chocolate?? :)

Have a super weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures !!!
Lily and Layla are so cute together !!
Have a great day.