Friday, June 28, 2013

Ronna & Beverly!

Tonight after work we are going to another Ronna & Beverly show at UCB. ‘Ronna & Beverly’ is a live chat show hosted by America’s favorite fifty-something Jewish mothers (played by thirty-somethings Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo). Tonight's guests are Mark Feuerstein of the USA TV show Royal Pains & Ben Schwartz of Showtimes House of Lies. Should be a very funny show!

Ben Schwartz & Don Cheadle (House of Lies) 

Mark Feuerstein (Royal Pains)

Working my regular shifts on Saturday & Sunday. I get to sleep in tomorrow YAY! Last Saturday I worked an early shift to be able to go to a show Saturday night. So I am really looking forward to relaxing with Billy Elliot and Lily tomorrow before work. We have heated up to the 90's now so there is no going back it is Summer full steam ahead and in the valley where I live it is about 10 degrees hotter than on the Westside which is West LA, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and all the beach areas. Even Hollywood which is just over the hill from my house 6 miles away is cooler. But living in the valleys are much more rural. My sister lives in West Hollywood which is cool but oh the traffic and congestion is too much for me. Have a great weekend.


Jules said...

Hi Dru! Oh your show sounds like it will be a lot of fun! Hope you enjoy it. Our weather has been crazy too and super hot and humid. I can't stand it! Have a great weekend!

Kat said...

Hi Dru,

Have a wonderful weekend and sleep in! The show looks fantastic enjoy yourself, I know you will. Big hugs

annie said...

That's a show I would enjoy I think.
Hope you have a great time.
Its been hot here in the 90s and high humidity..ugh.
I hope you get a nice relaxing day, you sure work hard enough to deserve one.
Happy weekend Dru!

Darylynn said...

Hi Dru! Glad you're getting a little time off. We finally finished Nurse Jackie and looking forward to Dexter tomorrow. I think you unintentionally tipped me off about Zoey and the new doctor because I saw it coming. ;) And like mother like daughter, huh? I was upset at the ending with the wedding ring pill because I hate to see people screw up their lives over and over... but I guess that's the nature of that show. Like Californication! Stay cool!

Kia said...

Ah, lucky you with the hot weather! It's so chilly here, with a high temp of just 55F! Yuck, so NOT summery!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend, enjoy all the shows. xo

annie said...

Hi Dru!
Hope you got a good sleep in on Saturday!
Your 4th plans sound great.
Garfield is feeling poor, but eats a tiny bit. They treated him for ulcer just in case, but I am going to try to take him in again Tuesday for thyroid and kidney tests to see what else is going on. His fur is a mess, he has lost so much weight.

Susan said...

Hi Dru, I finally get to blog! I did get to change over my blog to and enjoyed it. I am probably the last one with a country graphics site! It was near 100 yesterday and cooler today with some humidity. Hubby and I are driving to San Clemente on Tuesday for lunch. Have a great week. Hugs