Friday, May 17, 2013


Happy Friday!!! I am beat. I have been working the evenings at the Hospital since Wednesday and this weekend I work of course and Monday night again. BUT these evenings hours during the week will be gone as of Thursday. A co-worker of mine will be taking the 3:30-12 shift full time. She was just a part timer like I am. The shift has been open since last year when a co-worker left unexpectedly! The HR dept dragged their feet on posting the position for some reason? So I will still be able to work Friday nights 6-12 and Saturday's 3:30-12 those are her days off.  She is really reliable so these hours will not be available like before. So I am enjoying the last of the extra money for now.

The kids and crew come back today from the Champs Convention in Atlantic City. Here is a picture of their both. The sent it ahead via DHL. Paul had made the crates it came in before the show and they were there waiting for him when they arrived from New York on Sunday.

My plan for this weekend is rest up tomorrow before work and on Sunday after work Dinner and a Comedy show at the UCB with Joe. Have a great weekend!


Kia said...

Happy Friday the 17th, dear Dru! :)
I bet your are beat, you sure work A LOT (too much?)! ;)
Have fun at the comedy shot, happy weekend! xo

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday Dru;

I'm glad in a way you have more free time but sorry about less in your pocket. I know how much that must have helped.

When I was working the town hall my call letters were 777 because I had a special license plate Toni-777. My favorite number. Love the photos.

Have a great weekend my friend. Hugs

Darylynn said...

That looks very professional and interesting! I hope their business continues to grow and succeed! Take it easy and enjoy the weekend! (((Hugz)))