Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Doug Comes to Burbank

Last night was our weekly Doug Loves Movies Podcast at the UCB Theater in Hollywood. His guests were Samm Levine, Simon Pegg & Paul F Tompkins. Tomorrow night Doug brings his show to Flapper's in Burbank for a 90 minute DLM podcast with surprise guests from a cable TV show. That was the only clue. This show costs money the Tuesday DLM's podcast are always free. I am excited it has been over a year since he played at Flapper's and it is down the street from my house.

Doug Benson, Samm Levine & Simon Pegg

Samm Levine, Simon Pegg & Paul F Tompkins

Tonight I am going to swing by the kids house since Paul & Lisa will be leaving for New York tomorrow morning. They are spending 4 days in NY then they head to Atlantic City for a convention. Justin will be the only one staying behind to run the business with help from Melissa's Mom who they have been training to help out while they are all gone. I think it is really nice Paul & Lisa will get a little time to themselves before the convention on Monday.

For this week's Wednesday Chatter, the topic is Mom. You can write about your mom or being a mom. Whatever you want :)

It was my Mom's Birthday on May 1st she would of been only 82 she passed away at my age 62, 20 years ago just a few months after Justin her Great Grandchild was born. I am very thankful she was alive to see him!

Here is a picture of her and I am on her lap. I have no idea who the little boy is next to me? My sister was born but was not in this picture.

Mom & Me
Here is a professional picture of my Mom when she had left being a showgirl and was singing at a club called The Latin Casino in PA. She met my Dad there.



annie said...

Hi Dru!
Your mother was a beautiful woman.
The little boy was your first admirer, of course! ;)
Its raining here today, hopefully things will clear up for them by the time they arrive in NY and for their Atlantic City stay.
Have a sunny Wednesday. Its bleak and chilly and dark here..yuk.

Anonymous said...

Wow Dru! Your mom was a real beauty. I can see why you love to go to so many shows having had a Mom who was a showgirl.
Paul & Lisa 4 day trip to NY and Atlantic City sounds great. I think it's wonderful that Justin will be running the business. Is that his plans to stay in the business? That would be great.
I'll probably do Wednesday Chatter on my Mom tomorrow.
Have a great day ahead. Hugs

Kim said...

Hi Dru!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Your mother was absolutely a knock out. I can only imagine the number of men banging down her door. :)

How lovely that Paul and Lisa will be in NY. I LOVE NYC. :)

Hope you have a great Wednesday. Hugs

Patty Muich said...

I would love to see some pictures of you at the same age that your mom's pics were taken. I bet you look a lot alike as you are beautiful too! WoW! If she was my mom I would have drove her crazy singing Barry Manilow's song... don't remember the name but it was: Her name was Lola, she was show girl. :-) I used to have that cassette tape :-) Cocabana? I know not how to spell it :-) Love you cutie pie!

Kia and Zeno said...

Ciao Dru!
You are right, we are back home now, we have been on holidays in France in the second half of April. Lately life has been hectic and our online time very limited.
Your mom was a beautiful woman, indeed. :)
How wonderful that Justin will be running the business while Paul and Lisa are in NY.
Have a wonderful evening, sweet dreams! xo

Darylynn said...

Hi Dru! Yes, your mom was beautiful... I love her hair! Your hair is more strawberry blonde and hers seems more blonde-blonde. :) I am posting a photo of my mom tomorrow when she was quite young...looks like a flapper hairdo but she was only a child in the 1920's so must've been in the late 30's. Enjoy your shows! Justin sang (karaoke) at Flappers and I saw it online from their live feed.