Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On The Boardwalk

Everyone is now in Atlantic City for the convention except Justin and I. They set up for it on Monday when they all were there, Chris and Britini were the last to arrive on Monday. The show is Tuesday-Thursday. They will all be coming back all together Friday afternoon. They always get a big bump in business when they do these conventions. Fingers crossed! Lisa texted me some pictures of Atlantic City and you could see some of the damage to their famous boardwalk from Hurricane Sandy still. I remember like it was yesterday walking that boardwalk with my 2nd cousin Stephen the Summer of 1963 we were both 13 years old. His parents had a Summer home there so we all went for the weekend while I was back east on a 3 week visit. Our Grandmother's were sisters. Aunt Tillie and my Granny Annie. They were real characters and very much alike even though they didn't think so.

Last night was our weekly Doug Loves Movies at the UCB. A fun show as usual. We opted to just go home afterwards instead of having dinner at Birds Cafe. Joe had laundry to do and I am going to be at the Hospital every evening for the rest of the week. I even picked up another night shift next Monday night. I am going to be off Friday 5/24 and I opted to not work the Holiday either. I will just work Saturday & Sunday and have Memorial day off. I am looking forward to another day off. My next one won't be until 6/17 and I am taking that off for my yearly Dr's visit but hey it is a day off both jobs!


Anonymous said...

A lot of the Jersey Shore and parts of NY are still heavily damaged. Like most of Hurricane and Tornado hit areas it will take years before it will be built back up. I too had and still have paternal cousins living in Jersey and used to go at least once every summer to the shore and the Atlantic City boardwalk.
I'm off to try and get some sleep. Not up to par since yesterday. Hugs

Kaye said...

Hi Dru
Just dropping by to say hi!Have a great Wednesday!(((Hugs)))Kaye

Darylynn said...

Hi Dru! My "Nanny's" name was Annie, too. That sounds like a fun memory of being on the NJ boardwalk. Remember POP? I used to love going there and that was back in the early and mid-60's, too. (((Hugz)))