Monday, May 13, 2013

I Knew It!!

Our weekend was in the high 90's but beautiful and clear. Saturday after work Joe and I saw The Great Gatsby and we loved it. It was long as most of Leo's movies are for some reason. What I didn't know was Jay-Z was the executive producer. I knew it was his music in the movie but was surprised to see he was the producer. A group of excited young girls sat down next to us all excited to see Leonardo and I whispered in Joe's ear there is no way they are going to like this movie and only 1/4 way thru they were sighing, groaning and moaning. I knew it!! We had dinner at Islands and I had their cheese quesadilla appetizer.

Sunday after work Chris, Justin and I went to dinner at this great BBQ place in Mission Hills called the Bear Pit. When I was a telephone operator and worked nearby in Granada Hills I use to go there a lot. When the kids first moved back and Paul was building their house they lived in one of Chris's rentals in Granada Hills so went to the Bear Pit a few times. It is still good and very reasonably priced. They have the best garlic bread! You can use them for the bread on your sandwiches and it is so good! I had the Kodiak a pork sandwich on their garlic bread with 2 sides, Cole slaw & BBQ beans and 2 spare ribs! I was in heaven and of course I  had a lot of food left over to take for lunch today at work.



Anonymous said...

Happy Monday Dru;

I'm glad you gave a review on Leo's latest film. I'm looking forward to seeing the Great Gatsby but only when it comes out on DVD. I couldn't sit in the movie theater that long. :) Friday I'm going to see the new Star Trek film with my son & DIL.
I got hungry just looking at your Bear Pit's dinner. LOL.. Have a great day ahead my friend. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Dru, so lovely to see you on Blogger.
I hope you have been doing OK.
The Great Gatsby is on my wishlist. It might take a while, but I definately want to see it ; )
The food looks oh so delicious.
Have a great day

Hugs from The Netherlands

Darylynn said...

I'm surprised younger girls are still into Leo- he's pushing 40 now... I know because he was just a few years older than Justin and Justin used to get asked if he was Leonardo! They really do resemble one another and Justin has those boyish looks, too. I love BBQ food! (((Hugz)))

Susan said...

Hi Dru, hubby and I have been talking about seeing the Great Gatsby. There is a theater at Dos Lagos that charges $5.00 for the first show of the day. Your pork paltes looks yummy!