Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

I am off tonight from the Hospital and we are getting out of work early today after a catered lunch our bosses are having brought in for us. Tonight Joe and I are going to this great show called Ronna & Beverly Show which they have been performing in NY for years they have moved to So Cal. ‘Ronna & Beverly’ is a live chat show hosted by America’s favourite fifty-something Jewish mothers (played by thirty-somethings Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo). They are so funny! I posted a short video below of them interviewing Jon Hamm and  Stephen Mangan. Their guests tonight are Annie Potts and Melanie Hutsell.

The plan is to have dinner at Birds Cafe then the show at 8:00 and to top this great evening off meeting the kids for a 11:20 showing of the Hangover 3. We are all big fans of these movies and this is going to be the final one. Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms have been frequent guests of our comedy shows these last 2 years.

I am working my regular Saturday and Sunday schedule. After work on Sunday I am going to go shopping with Lisa at this great Mexican market called Vallarta to get food for the BBQ they will be having on Monday Memorial Day! Yes I am off!! I get paid of course from my full time job but if I wanted to make double time and work at the Hospital I could of which I do so often but they seemed to have enough coverage so I opted out. My sister Jan is turning the big 60 on Wednesday also President John F Kennedy's Birthday, so I will have a Ice Cream cake for her to celebrate it. Have a happy safe Memorial weekend.


Anonymous said...

Happy Friday Dru;

Sounds like a great weekend planned. Funny, I never heard of the Ronna & Beverly Show before. They must be on a cable network that I don't get. I'll have to check out the video.

Happy Memorial Weekend my friend. Hugs

Anonymous said...

That sounds wonderful Dru. Congratulations with your sister and I hope you will have a great time !!

Kia and Zeno said...

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, Dru! And happy 60th birthday to your sister Jan! Hugs :)

Darylynn said...

Sounds like a fun Memorial Day Weekend! Happy Birthday to your sister and enjoy the party at Paul and Lisa's. I'm sure the weather will be fine in's the beach that is socked in. (((Hugz)))

Susan said...

Hi Dru, have a great holiday and HB to your sis. Hugs